About Us


Our Approach

Garden Fare’s approach toward gardening involves a constant awareness that we are working with nature, not against it. We believe strongly that growing and sharing good food can help to strengthen communities. We aim to make our gardens and, more generally, organic food more financially and culturally accessible to the range of communities we serve.

Who We Are

Patrick Rodysill

photo of Patrick Rodysill

Patrick Rodysill has been gardening professionally for almost 20 years. Patrick founded Garden Fare in 2007 as an outlet for his passion for working with soil to grow the healthiest and best quality food possible. (full bio…)




Leslie C. Bennett

photo of Leslie C. Bennett

Leslie Bennett works to help urban residents to produce affordable, nutritious and environmentally sound food for themselves. She finds that farming and gardening has been physically and emotionally restorative; and appreciates that growing food has helped her to develop a more meaningful relationship with the land. (full bio…)